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And the Developer Deathmatch Winner Is...

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Last Friday, five teams composed of Florida Polytechnic University students squared off in the first “Accusoft Developer Deathmatch.” In the end, Electric Knee reigned victorious and took home an Oculus Rift Developer Kit.

Read more about the event here.

Engineering Students Extinguish Fire With Sound and More Articles

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Every Friday we publish our “Follow Friday” series which features a few industry news articles we would like to share with you. We are constantly finding interesting, fun, exciting, noteworthy, shocking and industry-changing articles all week long on the internet. Check us out every week to see what catches our eye around the web!

This week’s Follow Friday articles include Engineering Students Extinguish Fire With Sound, Amazon Goes After Dropbox, Google, Microsoft With Unlimited Cloud Drive Storage and more.

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Accusoft Cloud Services Releases with Exciting New Features

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Pertinent business information can come to you in a lot of different file formats, so simple multi-format viewing is critical for keeping your workflow actionable. The Accusoft Cloud Services Viewer displays dozens of file types on any device, anywhere. With the addition of the Viewer API, users are empowered to view and collaborate with a complete suite of annotation tools.

The latest Accusoft Cloud Services releases, happening today, introduce exciting new features including viewing documents behind the firewall and an enhanced community forum. Product Manager Dan Lee, discussed with me what these additions mean to users.

Read about the new features by clicking here.

Florida Polytechnic University Students Braving the Developer Deathmatch

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On Friday, Accusoft and Florida Polytechnic University will be hosting an all-day hackathon on the school’s campus lovingly titled, “Developer Deathmatch.”

It’s no secret that we love bug hunts at Accusoft. QA Manager, Matthew Sullivan, introduced us to them as a great to work out technical bugs and also closely look at the user experience. But he and the Vice President of Technology Infrastructure, Chris Lubeck, wanted to do more.

Click here for juicy details about the Deathmatch.

Tech Talk: PDF Password Protection Paramount to Document Security

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In a time where our businesses live online, sharing PDFs requires security. Professionals need to be able to send financial statements, legal agreements and other sensitive information with the assurance that only the intended audience will view  and edit them.

According to an article in SC Magazine, 84 percent of IT security professionals that responded to a survey about privileged account management habits thought organizational risk from privileged users would increase in the next few years but had no tools or processes to prevent this.

To read more about PDF security, click here.

edocr Now Powered by Accusoft

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Accusoft is excited to announce the acquisition of, a leader in business document sharing, document publishing for demand generation and lead capture.

Our mission at Accusoft is to provide document and content solutions that deliver meaningful impact to document workflow.  For the past few years, we’ve developed the leading HTML5 document viewer with a comprehensive suite of annotations, redactions and more. We want to reach a broader audience and further our influence in the business document sharing landscape.

Click here to read the exciting details.