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Have You Seen the New Prizm Share?

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Last year Accusoft launched a pilot of an exciting new service, Prizm Share.

The idea was to package our industry-leading HTML5 viewing technology in a form anybody could use to put any kind of document online, quickly, easily, without the need for personal server space or a website, and most of all: for free.

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The Falsified Medicines Directive: Time to Get It Right and More Articles

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Every Friday we publish our “Follow Friday” series which features a few industry news articles we would like to share with you. We are constantly finding interesting, fun, exciting, noteworthy, shocking and industry-changing articles all week long on the internet. Check us out every week to see what catches our eye around the web!

This week’s Follow Friday articles include The Falsified Medicines Directive: Time to Get It Right, Netflix Goes HTML5 for Laptop Streaming, and more.

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DICOM-to-Paper Saves $$$, Maybe Lives

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There’s a simple truth in the Third World: Paper still rules, because it’s cheap. Where medical records need to be passed among doctors, patients and those who review and manage them in-between, there are simply not enough high-res screens and efficient networks to go around, while printers work just fine anywhere there’s electricity.

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Developers Get New Go-To Site for Design and Productivity Tools

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There’s a new way to get webdev and application development tools. And it’s only the beginning.

The new Accusoft Cloud Services site is up with its first offering, Viewer, a customizable tool for embedding almost any document or image file into a frame or lightbox on a website to make it viewable through any HTML5 browser, desktop or mobile. Visitors to sites using Viewer get fast, high-fidelity display of embedded documents with no plugins, players or application software required on their devices.

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Girl Talk: What’s Keeping Women Out of the Computer Science Industry?

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In a booming industry seriously in need of talented, qualified people, half of the population is vastly underrepresented.

While in the mid-80s 37% of computer science degrees were awarded to women, that number drastically declined to just under 12% in 2010. Similarly, a 2013 report from NPR stated that women made up about 20% of the computer programming workforce.

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