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Shellshocked: Beating the Bash Bug

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As Apple continues to dig out of bendgate and troublesome updates, it is now addressing the next potential headache: Shellshock, a.k.a. Bashdoor or Bash Bug. The new security bug, discovered only a week ago, could affect up to 500 million machines and has system administrators around the globe shaking in their boots.

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You Don’t Know Jack (Do You?)

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In a new exclusive interview with CloudWedge, Accusoft founder and President Jack Berlin outlines his vision for the future of the company and its technology, and it’s a fascinating read.

But after reading the CloudWedge piece, don’t think you know Jack. Here’s a few things CloudWedge didn’t tell you...

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Accusoft’s HTML5 Viewer Makes Book

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A few weeks ago, a new book hit, and Accusoft’s Prizm Content Connect features prominently inside.

Using Managed Metadata in SharePoint 2013, by by Stacy Deere-Strole, Ryan Dennis and Steven Mann, offers readers a full rundown of SharePoint’s Managed Metadata Service (MMS). Introduced in SharePoint 2010 and upgraded for SharePoint 2013, MMS makes it possible to use managed metadata and share content types across site collections and web applications, and came as a big plus to organizations trying to squeeze more performance and productivity from their SharePoint farms.


Taxing the Cloud and More Articles

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Every Friday we publish our “Follow Friday” series which features a few industry news articles we would like to share with you. We are constantly finding interesting, fun, exciting, noteworthy, shocking and industry-changing articles all week long on the internet. Check us out every week to see what catches our eye around the web!

This week’s Follow Friday articles include Taxing the Cloud, Opera Sees HTML5 As Cure For Video Fragmentation, and more.

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SVG Keeps Document Viewing Fast & Clear… Like It Should Be

Pixels are a problem. While video formats try to cram as many pixels into an inch as possible for a crisp picture, scalable vector graphics (SVGs) have already become the gold standard for high-resolution images and documents displayed online through HTML5-compliant browsers. Using lines and arcs rather than dots, SVGs provide a more complete, and more importantly, a more accurate image. Just look at the difference...

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Lost: Have You Seen These Apps?

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It’s clear from the get go that there’s a huge gap in the app market. If you search for any info about the most popular applications, you’ll see Android, you’ll see iPhone. But where in the world wide web are all of the Windows apps? And why aren’t developers falling all over themselves to fill the gap?

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